How TiPanGeni Can Solve Africa’s Looming Crisis of Unemployment

How TiPanGeni Can Solve Africa’s Looming Crisis of Unemployment

By 2100 the United Nations estimates that half of the world’s children will live in Africa. By 2050, Africa will be the region with the largest number of people under the age of 25. These demographic trends herald a productive era for the continent only if more concerted efforts are made to create economic opportunities that will enable the youth to realise their potential.

In Zambia, efforts to address the economic challenges facing women, youth and vulnerable individuals have so far had no impact and with half of Zambia’s population below the age of 15, the problem of unemployment will only get worse. Every year, nearly 400,000 youth enter the job market in Zambia. This is equivalent to the current size of the national civil service.

The vast majority of the youth have limited skills and insufficient qualifications to command a decent job or to engage in any meaningful enterprise beyond basic subsistence activities. Most youth in urban and peri-urban areas survive by hiring themselves out as labourers, security guards, gardeners and maids at exploitative rates that translate to less than 2 dollars a day.

Many engage in commercial sex as young as 12 years of age, falling prey to drug and alcohol abuse, or partaking in crime. The high prevalence of sexual exploitation, defilement, teenage pregnancies, early marriages and gender-based violence are all symptoms of the ever-rising levels and of chronic poverty.

What is TiPanGeni and How Will it Work?

What is TiPanGeni and How Will it Work?

Under the TiPanGeni initiative, all public institutions and agencies will be required by law to set aside 20 per cent of public procurement contracts for the exclusive benefit of youth women and vulnerable individuals. This will include procurement of fuel and chemicals, agricultural commodities (such as fruits vegetables, beans and mealie-meal), stationery, uniforms or clothing, vehicles, accommodation, cleaning and car hire services. TiPanGeni will operate in such a way as to ensure that selection of candidates, oversight and accountability will be conducted by civil society (NGOs, churches, traditional authorities, women and youth groups), the private sector and other stakeholders. This will be important to ensure broadly accessible training and effective outreach and to prevent discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or political affiliation.

The TiPanGeni Platform

The TiPanGeni Platform

NAREP is promoting the establishment of an empowerment programme called TiPanGeni/TuPanGeni (TPG). Every Zambian has the right to equal and fair opportunity to realise their potential. TiPanGeni is a movement that not only sets out to build skills, promote enterprise, create jobs and prosperity for every Zambian but is also a community-driven initiative that will increase the sense of civic responsibility that has been lacking in our societies.

The Zedquest Dance Challenge

The Zedquest Dance Challenge

Youths hold so much potential in themselves, they don’t even realize it. It’s amazing just how much talent they can bring out. Upon realizing this, ZEDQUEST set out to expose these talents and make the youths realize just how much potential they hold.

As Zedquest we decided to host a dancing challenge for the youths of Kasama, THE ZEDQUEST D-CHALLENGE. The aim through these challenge activities is to broaden our horizons and meet all the talented youths of Northern Province. The event was scheduled to take place at the Kasama Girls Secondary School basketball court, it was intentionally staged there so as to attracted as many youths as possible.

There was a turn up of 16 dancers, which was a good number considering the fact that the team was just starting. The excitement and energy of these young dancers gave the judges enthusiasm and much anticipation for what lay ahead. The panel of judges had three candidates, alongside the Zedquest director Mr. Mainza Hamanjila and Mulilansolo Ward councilor Mr. Aaron Zimba.

A few words as opening remarks from the councilor encouraged the youths to work hard and whole heartedly in school for education is very important in one’s life. He further mention that it’s from such creative activities that people finally reach and identify their success and dreams. With his encouragements and motivation, the present youths were highly elevated to proceed in this endeavor.

Moving on to the main event, the participants each gave the best of what they had. Performance was judged per individual and each expressing themselves freely according to what they were comfortable with. Each contestant was then judged according to Creativity, Coordination and dress cord. The overall mark from each judge was out of 30.

Outstanding talent was clearly visible in the contestants. With more practice and coaching, these youths can reach extraordinary heights. For their well-done job, three got rewards, which was in monetary form. The rewards acted as both incentives to the best dancers and as an inspiration for the rest of the youths.

At the end of it all, there was fun and great interaction. Although Zedquest aims to improve and promote ICT, it keeps in mind that the kind of recreation activities the youths get ends up shaping them Thus it is Zedquest’s wish to broaden the parameters by including many other activities including Music, Sports, Art, cooking in their programs.

It is much hoped that these activities will help divert the youths from the negative influences and help them continue realizing that education brightens their future, with much effort and Support Zedquest looks forward to going bigger and encourage youths in programs that will bring out a positive outcome in their lives.

The Public Administrator

The Public Administrator


Unless the members of an administrative system are drawn from various classes and regions, unless careers are open in to talents, unless the way is prepared by an appropriate scheme of general education, unless public officials are subjected to internal and external criticism of a constructive nature, then the public personnel will become a bureaucracy dangerous to society.

Intellect is your greatest gift, you’re nobody’s fool. Having the mind-set of a genius but always remaining cool. Able to think through any situation your determination is a living inspiration, and fuels the world with new found motivation.

Brains can take an individual so far but groups, family and friends will take you all the way. The pressure will take its toll on the emotions, irritating and will become sensitive. But the focus and determination on the event is far too great and will overcome all, because the success of this great event is in our control. We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then is not an act but a habit. And you have shown your habits.

These are the exact words she used: “A huge thank you to my family for all their love and support through this journey. For helping me not to give up on myself even when the road was very rough. Thank you to my friends and all those who kept encouraging me, I was never alone. Only God knows the true story. Indeed, he is faithful”

As a beautiful Strong Intelligent lady you are truly astonishing in every right. The very essence of your presence is such a delight, soothing the souls of those around you in the darkness and light.

Zambia’s Opposition Leader – Hakainde Hichilema (Hard Talk Interview)

Zambia’s Opposition Leader – Hakainde Hichilema (Hard Talk Interview)

Hard Talk is In-depth, hard-hitting interviews with newsworthy personalities.

Over the past 25 years Zambia has been a positive example of stable, relatively free and democratic governance in Africa. But that cherished status has been jeopardised recently with the country witnessing a disputed election, political violence, a state of emergency and the imprisonment of Zambian opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema. He was freed last August, but still refuses to accept the legitimacy of last year’s election. Is he destabilising Zambia?



Zambia (From Riches to Rags)

Zambia (From Riches to Rags)

Zambia won its independence in 1964 and at the time it was one of the strongest economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kenneth Kaunda became the first leader of the country. He organized Zambia on a socialist economic model. The copper mines were owned by the state. In the first ten years following independence, the level of real GDP grew at 2.3% a year. Copper prices were increasing and IT SEEMED THAT ZAMBIA WOULD BE A VERY PROSPEROUS NATION.

By the mid-1970’s that dream began to fade. Copper prices fell in the world market. The price of oil and energy fueled global inflation and increased the price of imports. Zambia’s reliance on the copper trade was evident, and it was forced to begin borrowing heavily from international institutions. It seems that Zambia, the World Bank, and the IMF all agreed that copper prices would increase again, jump-starting Zambia’s economy. However, as time went on, this did not prove true.

Further, neighboring countries fighting for independence were supported by Zambia, and trade routes were disrupted. From 1975-1990 the GDP per capital fell by almost 30%. When it became clear that the Zambian economy was not going to just pull out of the situation, global donors were no longer happy to continue the way things were going. They insisted on economic reforms within the country.

It is at this time that Zambia had no choice, things were bad and so we then decided to adopted several economic reforms, including macroeconomic stabilization measures, trade liberalization, export promotion, and the elimination of marketing boards in maize and cotton. These reforms were expected to be beneficial in terms of national welfare, diversity in consumption, and productivity growth. The effects on the distribution of income and poverty were more uncertain, and positive impacts at the household level were harder to secure. Decades later poverty in Zambia increased (1990s).

Today, Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the WORLD and is considered a least developed country. It is clear a number of factors brought Zambia to where it is today. The WORLD BANK BLAMES the failures on a long list of improvements that need to be made, including further liberalization of trade, such as reducing tariffs on agricultural products and eliminating agricultural subsidies.

Zambia is a nation that is facing a number of challenges, all of which must be addressed to make significant progress. However,this is not the end, the good part about falling down is that there is only one way to go and that is up. Our nation has a number of options available for future growth. A decline in the reliance on copper as well as an increasing focus on non-traditional exports such as agricultural goods have the potential to provide economic development.

What happens next, is entirely up to the citizens of Zambia and the government to work together and help grow the country back to riches. Its possible and the time is now.

How to Practice Safer Sex

How to Practice Safer Sex

Its funny and hard to understand why, with the increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) cases there is rise in sexuality among the adolescent age group. More and more of these people are exposing themselves to danger. Nothing is sweet and good about STIs but why the rise. WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, questions about the rise of sexuality will continue to pop up but that will be an article of the future. Right now i want to help them because the rapid increase scares me. I do not want to just sit and watch, or hear new people being infected. To those already infected well, if its not HIV/AIDS your nearest health center will help you and to those not yet infected and are having sex, good news for you.

I am going to talk about a few common methods of safer sex practice that reduce the risk of not only pregnancies and HIV transmission, but also other STIs such as HPV, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Contrary to popular understanding though, condom use is not the only method of safer sex practice.

According to the Compact Oxford English Dictionary Safe sex practice is defined as sexual activity engaged in by people who have taken precautions to protect themselves from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as HIV/AIDS. It is also referred to as safer sex or protected sex. Unsafe or unprotected sex on the other hand, is sexual activity engaged in without taking the necessary precautions needed to prevent disease transmission.

Early initiation of sexual activity among adolescents has been identified as a major risk factor for a number of negative reproductive health outcomes, including early childbearing and associated implications for maternal and child health outcomes, as well as increased risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. Vaba kulu ni vabakulu, easy boy, easy girl. Time yako izafika to enjoy, usatamangila.

Sexual abstinence: The Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines sexual abstinence as self-restraint from indulging oneself in sexual desires. Boys and Girls who abstain muli che mushe keep it up. But futi be careful usazilekelela this method does in theory, reduce the risk of STI transmission but it does not take into account transmission of certain STIs such as HIV/AIDS via alternative routes like bodily fluid exchange and vertical transmission (mother-to-child). It also does not carter for rape victims who might have contracted an STI from a forced, involuntary act.

The use of abstinence-only sex education has therefore been phased out in the schools of developed countries much to the displeasure of most Christian associations who support it’s use fully. Teenagers who receive the abstinence-only sex education and take a virginity pledge, do actually engage in sexual intercourse before marriage and are one third less likely to practice safer sex compared to their other teenage counterparts who receive the conventional sex education. So just because you are abstaining, knowledge is power. Its good to know as much as you can so that just in case you decide to give in to sex, you are able to protect yourself. It is not easy but it is very possible.

Condom use: Before we go deeper into condoms i want you to remember that and understand that they are inconsistent, conclusions about their use and effectiveness cannot be made. Do not get too comfortable with them
To the newbies a condom is a close fitting piece of latex worn over the penile shaft by a man (male condom), or inserted into the vagina by a woman (female condom) during sexual intercourse so as to avoid contact with blood, vaginal fluid, semen, or other bodily contaminants. Condoms are not only used to reduce the risk of STI transmission, but also for pregnancy prevention. Condom use is a barrier methods used in safer sex practice.
Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology condoms are lined with spermicides which kill sperms. This provides added effectiveness in the prevention of pregnancy in case of a slippage or breakage which have been reported to occur 1.46% and 18.60% of times respectively, during a condom performance study. This however renders condoms not to be a 100% effective in risk reduction of STIs whose pathogens cannot be killed by the spermicides Clearly other studies have also shown how inconsistent condoms are but if you cannot resist the temptation please use a condom or else abstain.

Male circumcision: Now this is new for safer sex but you will know why and yes we still have low levels of male circumcisions in Zambia because were fear of severe pain, fear of loss of sensation and misinformation about the benefits. Male circumcision is a surgical procedure which involves removal of a male’s foreskin from his penis. It has been recently considered to be a method of safer sex practice as recent studies have revealed that it can reduce the rate of transmission of HIV to a male by up to 60%. Now these statistics are proven and i am not dreaming them, In addition to HIV, other studies show that circumcision also significantly reduces the risk of transmission of HPV, a pathogen which is believed to cause cervical cancer in women. Extensive campaigns which support and encourage male circumcision among males of all ages have therefore been implemented in Zambia as a tool in the fight against both HIV/AIDS and cervical cancer. After reading these few benefits am sure you and your partner can make a decision.

Monogamy The term monogamy broadly means having only one sexual relationship with one partner. It is also a method of safer sex practice as it limits the number of sexual partners, which in turn reduces sexual exposure to potentially infected partners. However, this method can only be effective if both partners abide by it and are both free of any STI. Faithfulness is key. Not ubulalelale, ku gonagona bakazi no. Just one ONLY.




The Majestic Falls and Man Mad wonder

The Majestic Falls and Man Mad wonder

ITS SIMPLE!!! Add your comment, telling people of your best places you have visited, give them enough reason to visit the place. I will share two places in Zambia andyou can expose the rest.

With a third of the country devoted to conservation, Zambia offers the adventure visitor some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas in Africa. Zambia is commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful, friendly, diverse and unspoilt countries on the entire African continent. Aside from the majestic Victoria Falls, Zambia has more natural water resources than any other southern African country, including a myriad of other falls dotted across the country, not to mention the famous Zambezi River. The many National Parks offer great opportunities for observing Africa’s plains game and their attendant predators, whilst bustling urban areas offer a taste of eclectic Zambian culture.

Here’s a list of the things you should do if you visit or live in Zambia, a country in Southern Africa. This list is based on zedquest own experiences. These activities and destinations will give you a taste of what this interesting country has to offer.:

  1. Victoria Falls/Mosi-oa-Tunya (Zambia/Zimbabwe): Arguably the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls in Southern Province never ceases to amaze visitors. This is Zambia’s — and Zimbabwe’s — biggest tourist attraction. It lives up to its local (Tongan) name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning “The Smoke that Thunders.” The upper falls is in Zambia, while the lower portion is on the Zimbabwe side. Both offer different and spectacular views of this natural wonder. Of special note are the two statues of the explorer and missionary David Livingstone (1813-73) locate on each side of the falls. Livingstone is still revered by many Zambians, and the City of Livingstone is named after him.

The best time of the year to visit the falls is between July and September, when the Zambezi River is aplomb with water. In November and December, the falls are almost dry and look like a canyon. Heavy rainfall fills the Zambezi between January and May, and it’s difficult to see the falls through a wall of mist created by falling water.

For a few weeks in November, the water level is so low that visitors can swim in the “Devil’s Pool.” It’s an experience of a lifetime and highly recommended if you visit at that time. The pool lies at the edge of the falls with a 105-meter (350 foot) drop on the other side. Although it looks terrifying, the Devil’s Pool offers brave souls the sensation of swimming in a whirlpool bathtub. If you’re an adventurous sort, there’s also bungee jumping or zip lining from the Victoria Falls Bridge and whitewater rafting in some unruly rapids below the falls. Keep in mind that these activities can be dangerous. In January 2012, an Australian woman nearly died when she bungee jumped off the bridge and the cord snapped, sending her plummeting more than 110 meters (360 feet). Thankfully, she survived both the plunge and the crocodiles below.

  1. Lake Kariba: Spend a weekend on the world’s largest artificial lake, Lake Kariba, located in Southern Province on the Zimbabwean border. Stay in the town of Siavonga it offers a great, easy to access destination. There are many fantastic things to do on and around the lake. Take a boat cruise and visit Lake Kariba Dam. Dine on local crayfish. The lake offers prime fishing, water sports, house boating and lake camping. Game viewing and birding in the Matusadona national park is not to be missed on your visit. The park boasts of the African 5. The lake has all the ingredients to make a fantastic African holiday.

A houseboat holiday is a great way to spend a few days under the sun and the best time to plan it is over a full moon. The twilight atmosphere between sun set and full moon rise on the lake is quite magical. Accommodation ranges from well-established lodges on the banks with spectacular views to self-catering chalets and campsites. Lake Kariba as many safari camps and lodges all along the lake shore and the surrounding wildlife areas, so no matter where you stay, you will be sleeping very close to local wildlife.

The weather at Lake Kariba is generally hot, and the hottest Month also called suicide month is October, and that’s when the rain season starts up to about April. The days can be sweltering hot with thunder storms in the early afternoon and in the evening.

The month of May to July are cooler and without the rain storms, the sun still shines and can be very pleasant time around the lake.

The months of August to September are windy months and the lake can be very rough at times, although the weather is still sunny and enjoyable.

  1. It’s Your Turn: I can only write so much, But would read everything. This is the point where you share your experiences and taste of how interesting your country is, I have only mentioned two and the rest will be mentioned by others. Let’s share our life experiences and give people a reason to visit wonderful places.


To the Unemployed (JOBLESS)

To the Unemployed (JOBLESS)

Do you ever feel like you are the person for the Job, do you ever feel you are more qualified, do you ever feel like they need you.? You feel you are the best, you feel that without your effort or qualifications things will not be as good as they should be. And yes you are right, and no one can take that feeling away from you.
They always pick that guy with less qualifications or over qualified but not you. You are always left behind. It could be normal, corruption, bribery, tribalism, nepotism, a blessing but you can never understand because it is not you.
You feel the world is against you, your qualifications are in vein. You wasted your entire life trying to be someone but no, nothing seems to work out. Every day you are swallowed in the black hole of unemployment, bit by bit it sucks your skills away, bit by bit you lose your confidence. You tend to forget what you are worth; you tend to forget your own value.
Desperation kicks in and runs your life, you no longer calculate, you are no longer cautious about what you are getting into as long as it is called JOB, fear of being jobless, you are like a desperate man in the desert in need of water.
And everyone else keeps telling you the same words, music to your ear. They just don’t get it. They do not understand; you have mutated you are no longer the being you used to be. They do not feel or at least try to feel what you are feeling, oblivious of what you have gone through and what you have become. They say; “YOU WILL BE OKAY”, “EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT’, “YOU WILL FIND A JOB SOON”. “DON’T WORRY PATIENCE PAYS”, “GOD HAS PLANS FOR YOU”, “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A PURPOSE”.
They do not get the annoyance in not getting what you want, it’s like you have been going to school so that you can wait for your dream JOB or Career to come, to drop from the sky. It’s as though school is a station and graduation is a ticket to the long awaited transport.
But you have a choice, yes, it’s painful, it’s disappointing, its psychological torture, its punishment, but all that is just a process, a process to discover who you really are and you will realize your potential. And that’s when nothing will ever stand in your way. What doesn’t kill makes you stronger.
Do it. Make that decision, Create your own JOB, Employ yourself. Its possible. Work yourself up there and get more. Find the strength, gather the courage within you, for you have the knowledge, bring your dreams to reality, you have unlimited potential, for higher accomplishment. Today is the day you start to live your dream, it’s possible. Don’t fear, because if you do you will never have what you want. Don’t give up, get what you live for, do not rest. Make it happen.