The Public Administrator

The Public Administrator


Unless the members of an administrative system are drawn from various classes and regions, unless careers are open in to talents, unless the way is prepared by an appropriate scheme of general education, unless public officials are subjected to internal and external criticism of a constructive nature, then the public personnel will become a bureaucracy dangerous to society.

Intellect is your greatest gift, you’re nobody’s fool. Having the mind-set of a genius but always remaining cool. Able to think through any situation your determination is a living inspiration, and fuels the world with new found motivation.

Brains can take an individual so far but groups, family and friends will take you all the way. The pressure will take its toll on the emotions, irritating and will become sensitive. But the focus and determination on the event is far too great and will overcome all, because the success of this great event is in our control. We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then is not an act but a habit. And you have shown your habits.

These are the exact words she used: “A huge thank you to my family for all their love and support through this journey. For helping me not to give up on myself even when the road was very rough. Thank you to my friends and all those who kept encouraging me, I was never alone. Only God knows the true story. Indeed, he is faithful”

As a beautiful Strong Intelligent lady you are truly astonishing in every right. The very essence of your presence is such a delight, soothing the souls of those around you in the darkness and light.